Visitor Signup

Where are the farms at?!?! I’d love a great banner! What’s going on this weekend?

We have a visitors hangout. This integrates with our hangouts bot system as well as Slack and allows all of our agents to talk to you.

  • If you have telegram and onering, you can join our public group here and then follow the telegram link in the description to join us that way. No further vetting is necessary.
  • If you are not in telegram, please join our hangouts instead using these instructions:

Before requesting access through the process below, please identify a community leader in your community we can reach out to and are likely to know. Those who regularly attend anomalies, or members of BRRN or other regional or global groups would be great options to introduce you.

When you are invited to the greenroom, you can let us know who can vouch for you. Ideally you can add them to the hangout so we can get this process done quickly.

Don’t have anyone who can verify you? That’s okay! Just realize we’re going to be more cautious on approving your visitors access.

This is a simple process, but it’s going to require the use of Google+ and Google Hangouts.

      • Click here to request the Bot add you to the “Resistance Detroit Green Room” chat. This will allow us to confirm your faction and brief you on how the team works. Not a lot of pressure here, but we just want to do a basic check so Enlightened agents don’t get automatically added to our hangouts. You will have to provide basic permissions for google+ access, but only the basic identifying information is asked for, which the bot needs in order to add your hangout. IF you have multiple g+ accounts, be sure to log in with the one you want to use for hangouts. (those with multiple Ingress Accounts are not welcome in our community, but many people have different google profiles for business/home/etc, this is OK)
      • Upon approval, you will be added to our “Visitors” chat. People sometimes stay indefinitely because they travel frequently, or have family in the area. Just be aware that discussing things like large operation plans, locations of house/work portals, and “guardian” portals. We haven’t met all these people in person (and some may have been in the hangout for a long time), and cannot vouch for their allegiance to the game or the Resistance cause (though we strive to verify before entry, we won’t always know if someone changes faction!).

Any resistance agent has the ability to add you to our Visitors hangout. This process is meant to simplify the process but in no way requires that people follow it to the letter.