New Player Signup Process

Welcome to the game!

First, let me thank you for choosing the Resistance, on behalf of Resistance Detroit and the entire Resistance faction globally. You have chosen wisely.

Globally (and locally) the resistance faction reaches out to its players, and recruits them to join their local teams. Involving yourself in a team allows us to work together for mutual goals:

  • Destruction of Enlightened portals and fields
  • Construction of Resistance portals and fields
  • And most importantly: To have fun!

Ingress is a game that has no end. Concepts of “winning” in the game have little practical meaning. The most important aspect to the game is having fun, getting outside and meeting other players (on both sides!). (I know some of you just gasped, but I’m a huge introvert too, and somehow came to be writing the website for our team and became an influential player locally and elsewhere. I don’t get it either, but I have grown to like it. -@noweb4u)

To that end, there’s a few things you should know:

  • Joining a team is optional, but strongly encouraged
  • Niantic (creators of Ingress) do not endorse particular teams, but do encourage their creation)
  • The team has only the power over you that you give it. Social pressure is exerted strongly on topics such as “following the rules” and “playing in a manner that doesn’t hurt the team”.
  • The team will provide this social pressure whether you’re part of it or not. Cheating and antisocial play is not condoned anywhere. (and as much as some people would like to say otherwise, the Enlightened faction by and large also does not condone cheating or antisocial play).
  • Joining our team doesn’t preclude you from working with any agent or team, anywhere globally. The team can provide great advice for working with other regions, and even with the Enlightened faction (or what we call “cross-faction” or “xfac” operations). It’s possible to play cooperatively with the Enlightened without hurting your team, but there are some tricky aspects we can help with to avoid drama, help recruit players, and bring your ideas to fruition.
  • Building trust within our team will ESPECIALLY help if you travel. There are several globally connected agents within Resistance Detroit who can work with you to join in other teams practically anywhere globally. From Jackson, MI to remote islands in the Pacific Ocean we can help you connect to local agents and ensure they know you are an agent they can trust. (As this process is person-to-person and not automated, please give us at least a few days notice, and your basic plans and what kind of stuff you’d like to do or know, we will need time to reach out (especially if there are large timezone differences))

OK! I want in!

This is a simple process, but it’s going to require the use of Google+ and Google Hangouts. (It’s already on your Android phone, if you have iOS click here). (I know, I was never really a fan of either to be honest, but the game uses a google+ sign in, so it’s the one thing every person has an account for. It grows on you over time, I promise. Trying to get the community to move to Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or other similar programs is a task many before you have tried, ultimately failing.)

      • Click here to request the Bot add you to the “Resistance Detroit Green Room” chat. This will allow us to confirm your faction and brief you on how the team works. Not a lot of pressure here, but we just want to do a basic check so Enlightened agents don’t get automatically added to our hangouts. You will have to provide basic permissions for google+ access, but only the basic identifying information is asked for, which the bot needs in order to add your hangout. IF you have multiple g+ accounts, be sure to log in with the one you want to use for hangouts. (those with multiple Ingress Accounts are not welcome in our community, but many people have different google profiles for business/home/etc, this is OK)
      • Upon approval, you will be added to our “Smurflings” chat. This is an unvetted agent/training hangout. Any questions are okay here! Just be aware that discussing things like large operation plans, locations of house/work portals, and “guardian” portals. We haven’t met all these people in person, and cannot vouch for their allegiance to the game or the Resistance cause.
        • At this point you’ll begin to learn the game, and how to play as a team. While Ingress can and often is played as an individual, team play adds an exciting dynamic, and as you get closer to Level 8, you’ll find that you need teammates to work together to build portals over Level 5. Coordinating builds (or what we call “Flash Farming”) of these portals lets them be built quickly, and to a higher level than even a single Level 16 player can build themselves. The level of gear you get depends on your level, AND the level of the portal. It takes 8 level 8+ players to build a level 8 portal, so building trust and contacts is crucial to your long term success in the game.
      • After this, as you level up, you will meet in person with highly trusted agents. We’re not going to come creep on your house or anything, but in the course of playing you typically meet teammates as well as members of the opposing faction in person. There are highly trusted individuals who have played for the resistance for substantial times (one may say they “bleed blue”). As you level up and build the trust of one or more of these players, you may be pulled into local hangouts, communities and private conversations to work together to coordinate in game activity and build friendships. Most communities in the community are ad-hoc (created by the players themselves as they see it necessary) and while it would be accurate to describe many of them as “cliques” or “social circles”, they are strongly encouraged to be inclusive of all players who play in the relevant areas provided they are trustable and drama free. Each hangout/community has a shared goal: The domination of the Resistance faction in the Detroit region, and beyond.
      • Once you reach Level 8, and are met in person by highly trusted agents, you are eligible for inclusion in our Detroit-wide Slack instance. The exact name of this Slack and its contents and membership roster are considered secret, but being here allows you to quickly request contacts in other parts of the Detroit region and beyond. Interaction in Slack can be done through a web browser, through desktop applications and cellphone apps for both iOS and Android. Asking things like “I’m coming down to Dearborn for the afternoon is there a great place to farm/do missions/etc” is possible here, as it contains hundreds of agents in the region, who know (because you are in the Slack) that you are a trusted agent and a team player, and are likely to work with you quickly to help. There are also social channels to talk about the game, your pets, or anything else.

If you are having technical issues with these directions, feel free to @noweb4u for help, or reach out to other Resistance agents you know or trust.