Moving into town

Welcome to Detroit!

Obviously, you’re aware we’re not as bad as the news (and our performance in Helios Detroit *cringe*) would have you believe. Whether you’re moving here and settling down, just in town because it’s where the work is, or are stationed here with the US Military (we sure do have a lot of defense contractors, don’t we?), we welcome you with open arms! (Even those who are commuting regularly enough to consider Detroit their part time home are welcome, we’re not going to check your driver’s license or anything)

The layout of Resistance Detroit is really a mix of many microcosms centered around various cities and suburbs, with well known players in each area helping the local groups with recruitment, and organizing of operations/raids/flash farms.  Our only requirement in most of these communities is an intention to contribute to the community, in a relatively long term manner, remaining loyal to the Resistance.

First – a few suggestions for people new to the area:

  • If you are switching your drivers license to MI (there are requirements to do this if you become a permanent resident), you may want to consider an Enhanced Drivers License. This will allow you to cross the US/Canadian border without a passport. If that sounds like something you’ll be doing frequently, consider the CBP’s NEXUS and Global Entry programs for expedited cross border travel. (They do cost money and have criminal background checks, however!)
    • While Windsor Ontario may be only a few minutes away from you, remember always that Canada is a real country with their own laws, law enforcement and military. When in Canada, do as the Canadians do.
    • As a practical matter, be aware that traveling across the border with large quantities of vegetables, meat, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol is likely to be frowned upon, or heavily taxed. Canadian Import rules are here and US rules are here.
    • If you’re curious from an academic standpoint what the differences are, check this out.
    • We have many agents who regularly cross the border, both US and Canadian citizens and residents. If you’re curious, just ask!
  • When you switch over your plates, check the box for Recreation Passport. This is a $10 addon to your plate that gives you blanket access to all Michigan State Parks and state beaches. This is mandatory to visit Belle Isle, in downtown Detroit, for example. There are countless parks statewide, many of which not only are picturesque, but also have portals! (Please note that while we do not have posted gate agents at our parks, roaming patrols are present and you must buy admission on the spot or be ticketed or sent away. Buying a recreation passport from the DNR officer is more expensive!)
    • Recreation Passport does not provide admission to the “Metroparks” system, anything you see presented as a Metropark will have its own admission costs (most of which are reasonable!). It also does not give free access to County parks, such as River Run Waterpark in Oakland County.

If you are below level 8, you are encouraged to follow our new player signup process. Even if you are a level 5 founder badge player, having not picked up the scanner for years, we have plenty of new things to show you. (Don’t worry, it’s trivial to get Level 8 these days, especially with the help of your local community!).

If you are levels 8 or above, please join our visitors chat using the normal visitors process. This, coupled with an in-person meetup should be all you need in order to quickly integrate into a lasting part of our communities. Be sure to ask about this because we won’t necessarily realize your intentions unless they’re clearly stated.